About forestry

Address: Tolochin, str.Oktjabrskaya, 24 211092
Fax: +375(02136) 33 4 64
Director:  Galik Mihail Nikolaevich tel.: 33-4-68

Description of  the establishment GLHU  “Tolochinsky forestry enterprise”

State forestry establishment “Tolochinsky forestry enterprise” of the Vitebsk state production forestry association was established in 1936. GLHU  “Tolochinsky forestry enterprise” is charged with control functions in the area of use, protection  of  forest resources and forest regeneration in the system of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus. 

Nowadays the team includes 259 persons, 146 among which are employees, 113 workers. 33 employed  have a high education, 58 – specialized secondary education , 28 - professional education. 88 employed are young people, 6 persons – pensioners. Veteran society includes 65 people, 3 of them are veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Chairman – Shleichkova C.N. Two persons performed the international duty. At the establishment 8 people are from large families. Trade union organization includes 259 workers, chairman – Suschaja T.V. Prevention measures council  includes 7 people. 7 young workers are  members of BRSM. Young professionals, who come to work at the forestry, are given accommodation or are paid a flat according to the rent contract in accordance with the collective contract of the enterprise.

Voluntary people's guard includes 12 people. At the enterprise 8 information and agitational groups are formed, which include 20 spokesmen. Each forestry has informational stands and honours board. On the whole there are 7 honours boards and 8 information stands in GLHU. More than 70 % workers take out a subscription for newspapers and magazines.