Forestry name

Name of the forester

Forestry phone,number prefix +375(02136)

Legal address

Tolochin forestry

Kazun Vasily Mihajlovich

Office phone 2-32-30 МТС) 773-77-96

211070 v.Zagorodje str. Lesnaja,2

Ozeretskoe forestry

Voronovich Valery Aleksandrovich

Office phone 3-46-13 748-42-53

211091 v. Lunnoe

Kohanovskoe forestry

Skinder Dmitry Jurevich

Office phone. 2-45-59МТС) 612-28-99

211060 v. Kohanovo str. Minskaja,31

Oboletskoe forestry

Vyshadkevich Alexander Iosifovich (МТС) 833-49-48

211064 v.Oboltsi

Volosovskoe foresry

Tkachenko Sergey Leonidovich

Office phone 2-36-42МТС) 717-05-11

211086 v. Volosovo str. Shkolnaja h.11

Slavnovskoe forestry

Astapchik Victor Alekseevich

Office phone 3-54-25 моб.тел.(МТС) 514-12-80

211090 v.Slavnoje building of the local council.